Hawai‘i P-20 has been partnering with HIDOE and UH to clearly define and document the coursework/skills necessary for high school students’ college and career readiness for University of Hawai‘i Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs. These programs include, but are not limited to, programs that are part of the CTE STEM and Healthcare clusters. 

As part of this work, CTE HIDOE advising sheets were created for 35+ programs that are aligned to UH recommendations to promote readiness for postsecondary CTE programs starting from middle school through high school to UH and into the workforce. Trainings were conducted for principals, teachers, counselors and registrars about how to use the advising materials most effectively. Hawai‘i P-20 continues to align and expand the academic opportunities for all HIDOE CTE students in order to help them be prepared in meeting general education requirements that will successfully transition into UH CTE programs.

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