A clearly articulated leadership structure/decision-making body is vital to ensure alignment and quality delivery of college and career pathways experiences for students across their 6-16 journey. Collaboration across sectors is critical to building effective pathways that incorporate all key components and propel students to success.

Cross-sector partners

Cross-sector partners should include middle school, secondary and postsecondary education, employers, and workforce development. Convening cross-sector leadership is an essential component of this system. This is comprised of both executive-level leaders and strategic representatives from across a region or community to establish and operationalize the vision for pathways implementation.

Academies Kaua’i

The first unified complex academy model in the Hawaii State Department of Education.

Linked Learning Alliance

The Alliance is the hub for the Linked Learning movement. 

Growing Inland Achievement

GIA is a regional intermediary organization aimed at increasing postsecondary credential attainment, adding more qualified people to the workforce, and contributing to a thriving economy.

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