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Promising Credentials in Hawai‘i

The 2023 Promising Credentials in Hawaiʻi report aims to inform workforce development efforts in the state and to support those who are newly entering the workforce, as well as those who may be unemployed or underemployed, with the tools and resources needed to succeed in a competitive workforce. The report seeks to clarify and validate the industry-recognized credentials that matter most to in-demand occupations that pay a living wage in Hawai‘i. The 2023 Promising Credentials in Hawai‘i report uses current labor market data and is an update to the original Promising Credentials in Hawai‘i report published in 2020.

Promising Credential Request Form
If there is a new or existing credential that you believe meets the wage and demand thresholds but does not appear on the Promising Credentials list, please complete this form. The Promising Credentials team will evaluate submissions against the criteria and update the list every 6 months.


*Past 2020 Promising Credentials Report (PDF)

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