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College, career and community readiness for students is our focus. We identify opportunities, implement innovative programs, collaborate with stakeholders and provide data-supported evidence to influence education policies and programs that improve outcomes for Hawai‘i’s students and the community.

Hawai‘i Graduates for Hawai‘i's Future

A commitment to ensure that we are consciously working together to align; from early care and education, through K-12, to college or workforce training, and into the workforce.

Education Data

Using data to evaluate the effectiveness of policies, programs, and strategies to reduce achievement gaps throughout the pre-kindergarten through postsecondary education systems.

Early Childhood

Strengthening and supporting a quality early care and education system to impact children from birth to age eight.

College & Career Readiness

Preparing students to succeed in college and career. 

College & Career Pathways

Building clear and coherent pathways so students can achieve their educational and career aspirations.  

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