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State of Hawai‘i Education Attainment Goal

In 2022, The Hawai‘i P-20 Council, composed of education, business, and community leaders, developed a goal to align the education pipeline with workforce needs, both present and future. Hawai‘i’s attainment goal, “Hawai’i Graduates for Hawai‘i’s Future”, is an aspiration and a commitment to ensure that we are consciously working together to align; from early care and education, through K-12, to college or workforce training, and into the workforce. We are committed to creating the conditions necessary for students to get the education they need to live and work right here at home. It’s a directional shift, from talking about educational outcomes in isolation, to a collaborative effort to shape the future of Hawai‘i by improving our educational pipeline.

Learn about the State of Hawaiʻi Education Attainment Goal from educational leaders across the state followed by the Work-Based Learning panel which will discuss the impact of Work-Based Learning from several perspectives. (May 24, 2023)

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